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ARC  FRA Required Track Safety Inspections cost Short Line Railroads less, because the Railroad doesn't have to employ a full time Qualified Track Safety Inspector. Most short line railroads aren't required to have FRA Track Safety Inspections done but once a week, but the railroad will still have to employ a Track Safety Inspector full time or hire a specialty Railroad Inspection Service, such as ARC-SLRR Track Safety Inspections, to comply with HR 2095. Short Line Railroads pay for just the amount of time it takes the inspector to do the inspections and the required FRA reports.

The FRA Track Safety Inspectors cost nearly $100,000 per year, before expenses.  ARC saves the Short Line Railroads big money because ARC Track Safety Inspections charge for just the amount the track inspectors spend on the Short Line Railroads track. 

*The Track Inspection fees list below are based on all fees paid for the purpose of performing ARC Railroad Track Safety Inspections according to FRA 213 Track Safety Standards including all, inspection fee, inspectors cost directly and indirectly, and all other cost required to be compliant with present rules, changing procedures and new rules that go into effect.   

Now ARC will perform the monthly FRA Track Safety Inspection required, whether it be once a month or twice a week for the first month at no cost when the Short Line Railroad agrees to a 90-day trial "Track Inspection Agreement". Cancel at anytime in the first month, there is no cost for any inspection during the trial month. 

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FRA 213 Track Safety Standards /Subpart F - Inspection
§FRA TSS 213.231 Scope
This subpart prescribes requirements for the frequency and manner of inspecting track to detect deviations from the standards prescribed in this part.
Over Tracks that meet all of the requirements prescribed in this part The maximum allowable speed for freight train is The Maximum allowable speed for passenger trains is
1 10 15
2 25 30
3 40 60
4 50 80
5 80 90
§FRA TSS 213.233 Track inspection-233(a) All track shall be inspected in accordance with the schedule prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section by a person designated under §213.7.


1, 2 or 3
Weekly with at least 3 calendar days interval between inspections

or before use, if the track is used less than once a week


or twice weekly with at least 1 calendar day interval between inspections, if track carriers passengers trains or more then 10 million gross tons of traffic during the preceding calendar year

$400 Minimum per Month
$20 per mile per visit or less*
$150 Minimum per visit
$30 per mile per visit or less*
$800 Minimum per Month
$15 per mile per visit or less*


1, 2 or 3
Other then 
Main and 
Monthly with at least 20 days interval between inspections
$150 Minimum per visit
$28 per mile per visit or less*
4 & 5
a Twice weekly with at least 1 calendar interval between inspections
$800 Minimum per Month
$15 per mile per visit or less*
§FRA TSS 213.235 Inspection of switches, track crossings, and lift rail assemblies or other transition devices on moveable bridges
Regular  Hi-Rail Inspections Monthly Required walk inspection  
PUBLIC STREET CROSSING 60 TRACK FT, EACH $2.70 each $7.00 each
BRIDGE DECKS 80 TRACK FT, EACH $8.00 each $20.00 each
Interested short line railroad company inspection start date would be
How many railroad cars per mile does your railroad handle a month?
How many track miles of railroad does your company maintain?
What kind of condition is your railroad track structure at present?

§FRA TSS 213.239 Special inspections In the event of fire, flood, severe storm, or other occurrence which might have damaged track structure, a special inspection shall be made of the track involved as soon as possible after the occurrence and, if possible, before the operation of any train over that track.

*or less: Actual Track Inspection Fee can be reduced to near nothing depending on how much the railroad has in its yearly per mile maintenance budget and track usage. The bigger the budget base on usage the less the Inspection Fees 

EMERGENCY CALL-OUT /PRE & POST CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION (no charge with minimum service provided by ARC)  

Sample Inspection Reports supplied on request. 

Track Safety Inspections are performed by FRA qualified track Inspectors  Track Safety Inspectors Roster


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