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"TRACKWATCH" Track Risk Management System

TRACKWATCH" Track Risk Management System is as the name implies, ARC will keep a eye out for your Railroad Track all year round, this is how it works:

1) Allen Railroad Consulting will perform one complete Railroad Track Safety Inspection Report and file it with your company.

2) ARC will do two additional periodic checks per year to see that your company's track stays in good shape. These checks are called drop-byes. We will contact you 24 hours before we will be in the area.  If you do not want a follow up inspection at that time, we will contact you next time we are going to be in the area.

3) If the results of our first inspection reveals that repairs of some sort will be needed, ARC will use one drop-by as a Pre-Construction consulting with the contractor who will be doing the work. At your company's request the other drop-by may be used as a Post-Construction consulting to see that the work was completed as proposed. Your company may also use a drop-by to reactivate a section of track that has not been used for awhile (a FRA requirement).

4) The FRA requires that a Railroad Track Safety Inspection be performed in the case of any unforeseen change in your railroad track condition. The FRA describes these changes as in the case of, incident reports or special reports relating to flood, fire or other such incident.  Your company may call us out at anytime for these reports. These reports are intended to be used to file a claim with your company's insurance carrier.

All this for the one time price of a Railroad Track Safety Inspection starting at $300.00. How to get this click HERE for response options.



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